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Elevate your expertise and increase your proficiency by participating in a training course with Absi Legal Technology, Ltd.

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Additional Technology Implementation

Absi Legal Technology, Ltd. keeps current with the latest legal technology software and trends.

With our proven approach to electronic discovery, we can make sense of the collection of ESI and refine it into a user-friendly database for easy searching and retrieval of essential information

Absi is skilled and certified to train your legal team on litigation support and eDiscovery tools.

Absi Legal Technology, Ltd. is your professional litigation support team. We can join your existing team or provide a complete team and provide the expertise you need.

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Since 1999, Absi Legal Technology, Ltd. has provided consulting services to support attorneys' use of technology in the practice of law. Ms. Absi has experience on a wide assortment of cases and has worked with a variety of vendors and legal teams. She has extensive experience in producing electronic records in litigation, and designing and managing databases.

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Absi Legal Technology, Ltd. offers attorneys a full-range of leading edge information technology solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Teamed with our extensive project management and litigation experience, Absi provides legal professionals with tools and support necessary to excel in today’s legal environment.